A:  Yes! If you know the number, we can take care of it. Even if you do not know the number, we can still support you. So, please visit our office and let us support you.* Service charge may apply for this support.

A: Please bring all of your documents you received from the company you have worked for. We will try to find out together!

A: There is no advanced payment for most of our service. Only when we have situation, service charge may apply, for example, when we need to make international phone calls to confirm your informations, etc.

A: When you have all the documents and information along with the bank account, it may take less than one hour.

A: Shortest will be around 2 months.

A: Yes! That is why we are here to support you! Our Burmese staff will guide you to complete it for you!

Please do not hesitate to ask us for any questions!