Take care of Japan side matters.

CUE Co.,Ltd

Technical support and cousulting on strategy.

CUE Myanmar Co.,Ltd

Myanmar side reception and sales representitive.

Why Us

A company will support in Japan as well!

A company which has an associated company in Myanmar will support the paper works and when the emergency case happens, we can handle the situation. When it is necessary, we have Tax Accountant and Administrative scrivener to back you up.

Free of charge for the basic support!

Depending on who your agency is, you may need to pay big money up-front, and/or you may need to pay for the international mail service fee, but with us, you do not need to pay anything for the service. So, you can have the Nenkin back without any money with you now! *Some charges may apply in special cases.

Burmese, English and Japanese supported!

We support you with 3 languages, so you can feel comfortable dealing with us. We sure will kindly explain the details and step by step instructions, with Japanese style hospitality as well.

We will do all the difficult parts for you!

This may get pretty complicated if you try to do by yourself but with us we will deal with everything we can support. All you need is to prepare few thing that only you can prepare. When the trouble happens, we will support you to the best of our capability to get your money!

Best customer support!

We “www.nenk.in” is supported by two companies in Myanmar with many people working under including Japanese. The support office is in Yangon, so for the emergency case, we can take care of you even if you have lost your Nenkin-Techo.

Your privacy is safe with us!

The paperworks of yours will be kept safely and sent to Japan as soon as we can. For the other documents, we have shredder ready for your safety as well.

Why is it free?

We “www.nenk.in” is not taking any money from you for the registration fee. Only after your Nenkin is back in your account, we will try to take tax deducted from your Nenkin as a reward. When we fail to take it, it really becomes free.

By being a professional and by doing it for many people at once with our network of Okuridashi-Kikan and other connection with Myanmar people who has worked in Japan, we are making benefit from it.

As for a fact that we hear, some people try to do it by themselves, but it usually get very confusing and sometime people give up on it. The reason of this being difficult are “lack of the professional knowledge”, “cost of the paper works going back and forth few time between Japan and Myanmar”, “can not handle it when the paperworks come with imperfection”, and most of all, even a Japanese can not do this work if one does not currently lives in Japan.

In order to solve this problem and help people, we support those people in Myanmar with Burmese people supporting you without any advanced payment. *When its a Kokumin-Nenkin, advanced payment will apply.

Our Staff

Along with Japanese staff,we will support you to get your Nenkin back to your hand.